Verve is a global talent solutions company with expertise in recruitment process outsourcing and managed services.We combine broad geographic presence, world-class talent solutions, and a tailored, consultative approach to help businesses achieve higher performance and outstanding results.

Concepts of Services


Temporary staffing, permanent placement and (high volume) specialties (these are specific market segments on which dedicated units focus) are our corebusiness.

A key factor that differentiates Vervesfrom other companies is our unique unit structure. Each unit consists of two consultants who are responsible for both client and service and candidate selection. They work as a team, ensuring one is always available to our clients and candidates. The teams are often dedicated to specific specialties.

The consultants are experts in the multipleskilldomains, andbecome experts in their client’s businesses, understanding their needs and the candidate profile that best meets them. They recruit temporary or permanent employees and make thematch.


For middle and senior management positions, we recruit interim specialists and consultants with professional qualifications.

These specialists can be engineers, IT or finance specialists and professionals from a growing number of other disciplines such as HR, legal, marketing & communication.

They remain on our payroll and are seconded to our clients.

The roles they fulfill are those of interim managers, project managers or specialist teammembers.

Payroll Solutions

Verve has a well established and robust payroll processing system in place that is a combination of the best of software tools, expert know how, IT infrastructure and a strong payroll team.

In response to articulated customer needs and as a logical extension of our services portfolio, we had introduced Payroll Process Outsourcing services as a standalone offering a few years ago.

Designed to manage payroll of your on-roll employees, our payroll processing services are configured to cater to your specific requirements.

Contractual Hiring

Verve assists corporate clients in their Regular or Seasonal staffing requirements by providing contractual or temporary staffing services.

We work with our clients for hiring or identification of temp resources and take the selected resources on our payroll for providing the payroll support services to the client. Alternatively we also take on our payroll, resources pre-identified by clients or existing ones from any other sources.

Verve takes complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities, statutory employee benefits and compliances for the outsourced resources. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client retains complete control of the same.

Our Solutions

Permanent Placements

We at Verve understand your need of the hour. We have a robust & experienced team of consultants who are completely dedicated to helping your company attain its business goals. Our time-proven practices and best-in-class experts ensure that you get the best talent at any level, with the fastest turnaround time. To achieve this we follow some basic and simple steps.

Verves recruits and selects candidates for permanent positions at your company on the basis of the job descriptions, and by testing of competencies.

We are open to your special needs and we will present tailor-made solutions for you

These steps will fulfill your need of permanent staffing.

  • A National footprint.
  • Receive roles and responsibility of the required candidate.
  • Complete analysis of requirement and industry research done by Verve team.
  • Gather all required details and prepare customized plan for recruitment.
  • Attract suitable candidates towards the company.
  • Shortlist right candidates.
  • Verification of candidates regarding qualification and work experience.
  • Prepare final job offer.
  • Get offer letter signed.

Temporary Workforce

The Success of the company depends upon the efficient and right workforce in that company. And finding the right resources can be a difficult task. Verve with its temporary staffing solutions in Pune helps businesses who need various-level candidates in various areas. With our wide reach and associated with 200 organizations, we help our clients in providing temporary resources as and when needed.

Verves provides temporary staff for your open positions, and if needed the temporary employee be taken over for permanent employment by your company.In case of contract staffing Verve takes care of the local Labour Law Compliance: Provident Fund (PF), ESIC, PT, LWF, Health insurance, administration and pay rolling.

May it be 1 or 500 or more employees, we do accept transfers of existing employees from the Employers payroll to our payroll and meet all necessary compliances

Verve works across diverse industries such as IT, ITES, BFSI, Retail, Telecom, and Engineering and manufacturing and provides contractual or temporary staffing as and when needed.

Our overall value proposition includes:

  • A National footprint.
  • Guaranteed TAT for every element of the service delivery.
  • Regulatory and Compliance adherence on a comprehensive basis.
  • Pan India and multi industry delivery capabilities.
  • Robust technology platform.
  • Strong and quality processes.

Clients have the option of choosing either a modular service comprising just hiring and employee HR administration and compliances or a full service composite offering that also includes employee assessments; training and employee engagement. In both cases, we assure consistent quality of service delivery with complete adherence to regulatory compliances and agreed client specific SLAs.

A combination of people, process & technology focus enables us to deliver on our committed objective of value creation for our clients and in turn reduce financial & opportunity costs of employee administration. Our focus is on ongoing improvement of business processes and putting in place well defined mandatory and best practices with all clients.

This enables us to achieve greater levels of business efficiency and customer and associate satisfaction.

Verves is not just a company but a journey with a Goal of bringing Associates and clients at one place where they can chose each other and work towards mutual success and gratification! We are 'Putting India to Work'

Temp to Perm’

Verve Global Services is a leader in providing “Temp to Perm” services, in various sectors of companies. Organizations heavily depend on every individual’s performance. Every single bad hire by any company affects its goodwill and profit margins. This is the primary driving factor behind most of companies preferring “Temp to Perm” mode of placements.

Verve Global Services find the best candidates and reduce the talent hunting burden on companies. Once companies define their requirements, terms of evaluation and duration on contract, Verve team provides the requisite talent. During the initial temporary contract period consistent feedback from companies is taken. Based on the feedback, the candidate is offered permanent job offer after the temporary contract period is over. After the candidate accepts the new offer, he is transferred to the client’s payroll.

Advantage of the ‘Temp to Perm’solution:

You have longer time to evaluate whether the employee would be suitable for the position and would fit into your team, so the risk of hiring a non-competent employee disappears.

RPO BackOffice Services

Apart from providing recruitment services and scouting the right profiles, most of the efforts of your valuable resources go into non-core activities like resume formatting, compiling the database, cleaning and updating databases, and similar activities. All these time consuming and redundant tasks are better carried out by Verve’s BackOffice team. This enables you to concentrate on important tasks, and successfully fill a lot more positions, ultimately satisfying your clients.

Verve’s Back Office Service helps you with activities such as resume formatting, data cleansing, document updating, and indexing. Payroll outsourcing is another service where Verve helps you relax. Moreover, our back office service helps you reduce costs, improve performance, and enhance working methods.

The feedback process occurs after the interview of the candidates are conducted. In this process, the feedback is taken from both the recruiters and the candidates. Moreover, this process is very essential to improve the overall interview experience. Furthermore, it also helps to validate if the interviews are fair enough.

Data Cleansing

Data cleaning services aim not just to clean the data, but also to bring uniformity to different data sets that have been merged from other sources, i.e., entering correct interpretations, checking correct filed entries, removal of duplication in records, deletion of garbled data and manual quality checks.

Resume Formatting

Since there is no common standard of making resumes, professionals all across the globe build it as best suited to their needs, however, you might require it in a unique acceptable format to improve efficiency and reduce the time taken for shortlisting. We can offer you our resume formatting services, our specialized team with an eye for details can format profiles on your behalf to the required standard format.


Indexing helps create a guide for your document database. We are equipped to handle virtually any subject matter and welcome very large/complex projects. We help organizations easily manage and access their information and data.

Database Updating

Database updating services focus on optimizing your database for easy access, storage, and retrieval. Therefore, through an updated database we help you efficiently manage your work.


Verve’s data entry services reduce administrative burdens and operational costs by 50% for our clients. Data entry is an extremely tedious and time-consuming task and can often take focus away from your most important business functions. Verve provides reliable data entry outsourcing services which will streamline this demanding duty. Our expert professionals have maintained an accuracy level of 99.99% while completing all projects.

We can handle any data entry service request sent by you. Our services offer 99.99% accuracy and a timely, low-cost solution to your needs.

Our Data Entry Team

Our experienced staff capture data effectively and efficiently. Stop worrying about being understaffed during peak processing periods, or using higher paid staff to perform routine data entry tasks. Join us and get rid of the data entry problems. Save time, money and manpower.

Data Entry

Typically, Data Entry tasks consist of multiple instances wherein any kind of written or printed data is entered and stored in digital format to enable systematic storage and retrieval.

Product Data Entry

Most Product based companies are required to maintain records of all their products, both active and discontinued. The management and creation of the list of products, along with their Technical Details & Specifications in the applicable format fall under the category of Product Data Entry.

Accounting Data Entry

In most cases, certain firms and offices require their Accounting processes to be verified, checked and stored systematically. Our Services which provide Accounting Data Entry will allow you to keep and maintain all your accounting data in a concise and systematic manner which can be processed into any required format like spreadsheets or databases.

Manual Data Entry

Converting manually created documents, letters and records can be a tedious task. With the help of sophisticated technology, our Data Entry Services can help you save time and achieve remarkable accuracy by converting manually produced documents which contain sensitive data into digital formats, with special care for grammar and punctuation.

Handwritten Data Entry

Handwritten documents, records, ledgers or letters are difficult to manage and maintain. Our Data Entry services for handwritten documents allow you to maintain these documents effortlessly. These services also include the entry of data which is paper-written and their conversion into the appropriate digital formats.

Offline Data Entry

Consolidation and gathering of data from hard copies into digital media are categorized under offline data entry services. The storage of such data into storage software through offline channels results in high precision which helps you sort, retrieve and search your data without requiring time and effort.

Data Capturing and Entering

We smoothly on-board all the candidates who have accepted the offer. We take care of everything included with on-boarding such as joining formalities, induction, and much more.

Online Data Entry

Online Data entry Services consist of the Retrieval of Records and Information via online portals or websites. In general, if any data source is digital or from an online repository, the Data Entry Service falls under Online Data Entry.

Data Capturing and Entering

We smoothly on-board all the candidates who have accepted the offer. We take care of everything included with on-boarding such as joining formalities, induction, and much more.

Insurance Claims Data Entry

Insurance Claim procedures usually involve a large amount of documentation. The data from these documents need to be listed and categorized so that firms can access and modify this data with ease. These complex tasks fall under the domain of Data Entry for Insurance Claims.

Remote Data Entry

Entering and updating Data from Remote locations or making the captured data available to be accessed from remote locations improves the speed with which companies can process their data. These processes involve the use of software and hardware technologies to enable remote data entry.

Numeric and Text Data Entry:

The sequencing and serialization of important documents is a vital task for many types of businesses. This ensures that the proper order of the document is maintained, which includes the addition of numeric labeling wherever necessary. These tasks are included in Numeric Data Entry Services and help your databases appear systematic and orderly.

Mailing List Compilation

The compilation and updating of mailing lists are vital to businesses that wish to inform their clients about their upcoming projects. These tasks involve complicated procedures such as reduplication of entries and compilation of contact databases. Our Mailing List compilation services are best suited for this purpose.

Database Data Entry

Multiple Databases storing similar data can be very difficult to manage, update and access. Creating a single database from the merger of multiple smaller databases requires accuracy to ensure that the data is consistent. This can be conveniently managed with our Database Data Entry services which also involve the removal of duplicates.

Logistics Data Entry

Logistic Firms deal with a vast amount of data which need to be updated and amended periodically. Details like records of Transit time, Vehicle IDS and Destinations can be efficiently added and managed with the help of our customized services for Logistics Data Entry.

Data Conversion Service

Conversion of Data for specific purposes is a vital process for many organizations. They are as follows: 1. Updating and upgrading of files require their conversion into appropriate formats. 2. It is important for tasks where digital images, transcripts and records need to be converted to specific file formats for processing. 3. Optical Character Recognition is an included service which allows seamless conversion of visual data into text or numeric formats. 4. Conversion of XML Data into popular formats such as Word, Html, Pdf or many others.


At Verve’s, pharma consulting division our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped us become one of the largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and consultancy services, including all aspects of engineering, operations, project management, validation & quality assurance.



To be the global name in premier design engineering, consultancy and validation services firm delivering end to end innovative &future proof solutions that provide superior values to our clients.


To be the leading pharma engineering and validation company by being perceived as trusted advisors by our customers, being the preferred employer within pharma consulting and by delivering competitive and sustainable business results.


Verve is associated with a group of experts having rich experience of Conceptualizing, Designing, Engineering, Project management, Qualification/ Validation & QMS of various pharmaceutical projects.

The focus on providing value added services exclusively to the Healthcare Industry and vast experience of handling variety of pharmaceutical projects makes us most appropriate choice.

Verve have built extensive experience in designing and setting up Pharma plants from around the globe.



We have continuous access to technical developments from strategic alliances with some of the best Consultants/Experts in our chosen areas of business and through our active participation in various technical forums like ISPE, ASHRAE etc. Our team of specialists are capable of making your planned investment a sure success by providing consultation right from concept to planning, engineering up to the start-up and commissioning of your project in compliance to cGMP requirements.




Providing wide range of services from cGMP facility Audit – Concept Study – Basic & Detailed Engineering –Project Management – cGMP Supervision – Validation Documentation and Compliance, QA outsourcing and training.

  • Practical & cost effective solutions
  • Flexible approach to achieve the most suitable solutions by forming a conducive team with client
  • All services are being controlled under single roof. Therefore, all services are well co-ordinated in house. No need of co-ordination from customer side. All experts are from reputed pharma engineering and manufacturing industries with vast experience.
  • In-house team of validation documentation and QMS (Quality Management System) for strict review of deliverables to meet quality & ensure cGMP compliance.