"12 Months ago I had no idea that we would have a team of 18 from Verve. All of our Recruiters appreciate the additional support that their e-recruiters are able to give them." Martin S.

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Verve Global Services Pvt. Ltd. is a global service provider driven by the objective of being an integrated solution provider for all the back office needs of our clients. When there are 'off-beat ideas' being generated, the result is always more than a 'positive reponse'. What we do different from others is the CAUSE but more important is What the client gets because of this which is the EFFECT. Our logo also signifies the same as the commonly denoted 'thought blurb' is shown to beget 'talk blurbs' in return to highlight the fact that different approaches always ensure positive results.

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Unique RSA (Research Speed Access) Methodology: Every business scenario is analyzed based on a thorough research mechanism that gives Verve enough information fuel to press the pedal and surge forth in implementing result-oriented, customized solutions at rapid-time. For Verve value proposition is just not a statement and is imbibed into all processes and activities. Our clients realize benefits which are outcome of these statements.Flexible value-based engagement models to choose from, designed to suit your specific ROI criteria, backed by global delivery capabilities.