The Team

At Verve we believe, that in achieving our goal of high productivity, we must ensure that there is team spirit and cooperation among employees. Team Work is the key where the requirement for dissemination of information is very high. Thus, a connection is seen between information management and teamwork.

Verve boasts of an effective team with clear objectives comprising of people with incomparable skills that match the team's goals focussing on the mission and vision of the company. Trust, Openness of ideas and the conducive corporate atmosphere is what the leaders and management encourage.

Over a period of years, this enviable teamwork has been particularly beneficial for Verve in increasing business and market penetration.

Organisational democracy, humanized approach and a desire to conquer the unconquerable keeps the team going ahead thriving to make Verve a global success story.

Team Member

Mr. Anekant Jain

Mr. Anekant Jain is a true visionary and a leading pioneer in not one but several sectors ranging from hospitality, healthcare industry, trade and commerce, food and beverages to aviation and more. The agenda is simple: to truly put India on the global map as a leader in multiple sectors. Experienced Director with strong professional skilled in Crisis Management, Corporate Development, Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Joint Ventures.

Team Member

Ms. Manisha Kanojia

Heading the Legal & Compliance unit, Ms Kanojia has an impressive educational background that ranges from degree to LLB, Manisha has also undergone intensive training for six months in United States Laws and Court Procedures and has executed legal research in USA laws, American Arbitration Association and litigation support. She has also been responsible for heading the Incorporation of subsidiaries in London, Singapore, Malayasia, USA, Dubai and its legal compliance.

Team Member

Mrs.Gayatri Dayma

As principal Associates she introduces innovative marketing solutions for building new clients. She has also been responsible for building strong internal systems &making Verve perform as one efficient engine across verticals.